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All about Intercountry

Intercountry has been specialized in foreign language training for more than 25 years. We are a French group with our headquarters and main training center in Paris. We have a second training center in Bordeaux and regional hubs in Lille, Lyon, Marseille and Toulon along with homebased trainers spread all around France. Our Spanish subsidiary, Babelia Formación, is located in Madrid with activity across Spain. Further afield, we have trainers in the United States, Great Britain, South Africa and Australia. We also have a subsidiary in the Philippines, Intercountry Philippines Inc., to accompany our development in Asia.

We provide services to 3 different clienteles: companies of all sizes and sectors, institutions of higher education, and the general public. Our course offering covers 19 languages in both face-to-face and distance training. We integrate a human and technological approach to help our learners effectively reach their goals and objectives. Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to providing training solutions that are perfectly adapted to meet our clients’ specific needs.


At Intercountry we believe that training should serve the learner. It should help them to surpass themselves, to break through barriers, get closer to other people and create links.

Our trainers have the satisfying mission to help their learners overcome their challenges. The relationship between the trainer and the learner is close and is based on respect, active listening and goodwill.

Intercountry is dedicated to being a socially committed company that respects people and the environment.


At Intercountry we are committed to satisfying our clients, companies or individuals, basing our training on their needs and taking their objectives into account. Intercountry's varied teaching methods allow learners to measure their progress and the skills they have obtained against European standards.

This progress along with a number of other indicators is made accessible to our clients for both individual and group training courses using our training management tools.


At Intercountry we accompany today's global and digital world with innovative face-to-face and distance training methods, while at the same time preserving the important human relationship between the trainer and the learner.

Innovation is not a means to an end but rather a means of being more effective, of showing continuous creativity and the ability to adapt.

For Intercountry, innovation and the use of new technologies is at the heart of the whole company.

310 colleagues

400 business clients

17,000 satisfied learners

A new approach to training

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At Intercountry, thanks to our clients and for our clients, innovation is part of our DNA. Innovation helps us to adapt creatively and continuously, to be more agile and more effective. Our innovation is most visible through our training methods which demonstrate our understanding of how language skills are acquired and how each type of learner progresses differently.

At Intercountry innovation also means helping our clients manage their training courses. Our Training Carrier management tool allows clients to evaluate needs and progress, optimise their budgets, monitor quality and manage their training courses.

A group with big ambitions

Intercountry's vision is for global and sustainable performance that meets the expectations of all our stakeholders: clients, suppliers, colleagues, local communities, etc.

Intercountry is a key player in language learning in both France and Spain with one of the most, if not the most effective learning systems on the market. But we can always do better so we continue to improve our multi-modal training solutions.

Our history in a few words

  • 2019: Creation of Intercountry Philippines

    The launch of our subsidiary based in Cebu as a first step into Asia.

  • 2019: Creation of Intercountry Shareholders

    Giving our employees the opportunity to be shareholders.

  • 2017: Acquisition of Babelia

    Acquisition of the language training company Babelia in Spain.

  • 2016: Creation of the Intercountry - ICB group

    Intercountry - ICB was created by merging Intercountry Management, Intercountry Academy, ICB Europe and ICB.

  • 2016: Included in the National Directory of training certificates

    Our EYES (for English) and DICE (for Spanish) level tests were recognized by France Compétences.

  • 2015: Launch of Training Carrier

    A tool for more efficient management of training courses.

  • 2014: Intercountry - ICB Europe federation

    A joint venture to provide a global training solution including distance training by Intercountry and face-to-face by ICB.

  • 2010: Smart Business Communications

    ICB absorbed the training and e-learning activities of Smart Business Communications.

  • 2006: Creation of ICB

    ICB was created as a training company not subject to VAT.

  • 2000: Blended learning

    Intercountry Management began using their blended learning training method.

  • 2000: Creation of ICB Europe

    ICB Europe was formed after the purchase of the client base of a language training company founded in 1993.

  • 1995: Creation of Intercountry Management

    Creation of Intercountry Management, specialised in inter-cultural training courses.

255,000 training hours

19 languages taught

Top 5 language training France

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Our trainers

Intercountry's learners have access to several hundred enthusiastic trainers. They come from over 30 different countries and teach their mother tongue, or are recognised for their expertise in the language they teach.

Teaching is a true vocation for our trainers who thrive on helping their learners overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

Experience counts

Intercountry's trainers have an average age of 44 and more than 6 years experience in the profession.

Dedicated trainers

Throughout the learning process, our trainers are responsible for the progress of their learners.

Great Place to Work

Our company's staff turnover is stable at less than 6% per year.

Our support team is here for you

Intercountry has a dedicated and proactive support team in place to help you. The team is united around a single objective: ensuring Intercountry's clients are satisfied. More than a dozen different professions work together to ensure your training course is a success: client co-ordinators, hotline operators, course material designers, IT staff, sales people, etc.

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Having begun her career in a travel agency, Eugénie has always loved foreign languages and human relationships. Her job as a coordinator with Intercountry lets her enjoy both these pursuits.

Based in the north of France, she is only 45 minutes by Shuttle from England which lets her enjoy another of her passions: British culture.


Slyvie started working in finance in New York, her home town, in 1992. Financial services like stock broking or securities trading have no secrets for her. In 1997 she moved to Zagreb in Croatia for a job as a consultant in brokerage transactions, and then became an account manager in a telecom company.

Sylvie is now an English language trainer and the manager of a team of trainers.


Peter is from Britain and began his career in London. Then he moved to the Philippines, Singapore and finally Colombia where he had different sales and marketing posts. After meeting his wife in Colombia he managed a company that grew and exported flowers around the world.

Peter is a trainer and a Team Manager in charge of a number of Team Leaders who manage teams of trainers.

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