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Since 1995 Intercountry has specialized in premium training solutions, translation, and level assessment in 20 languages for companies and individuals. We offer a large selection of professional courses both face-to-face and distance-learning which combine the human touch with technology in order to help the learner achieve the best results.

Intercountry's mission is to help companies overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, facilitating effective communication in a globalised world. Thanks to a diverse team of experienced and highly-qualified business language experts, Intercountry is able to ensure adapted and quality training for all business sectors and requirements.

A key aspect of Intercountry's unique solution is the importance it places on technology and quantifiable learner progression, which allows companies to measure the efficiency and return on their training investment.

¹ CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

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We speak English, French and Spanish.


Intercountry is based in Paris with an additional training centre in Bordeaux and 276 people across the country.


We have a team of 86 people across Europe. Our Spanish subsidiary, Babelia, covers the Spanish market.


There are 51 people from other countries around the world, including the US, Canada, Australia and the Philippines.

Training for a globalised world

With more than 29 years' experience in the design, development and implementation of language training courses, Intercountry is able to offer a wide range of training solutions.

6 training solutions in both face-to-face and distance formats allow the learner to elect the most suitable option according to their needs: classic lessons, blended-learning, workshops, intensive weeks and immersions, executive coaching, and conversation.

Our distance solutions are available throughout the world, and our face-to-face solutions are available in all of France and Spain as well as the Philippines.

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20 languages taught

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