Our approach, results and certifications


Personalise training content to reflect the learner's level and their needs.


Design a training course that encourages rapid learner progression.

Close relationship

Provide training courses that are enjoyable, with motivated trainers who take their learners' needs into account.

Putting it into practice

Develop skills through practical role-plays that reflect real professional and intercultural situations.

Blended learning

Integrate different ways of learning to optimise results.

Individual or group courses
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Courses with e-learning
Language workshops
Intensive weeks

An approach that will push you to progress!

Our pedagogy is designed to optimise your language acquisition in a minimum of time. On average our learners progress one full level on the CECRL scale* with 50 hours of training + e-learning. This is 50% faster than is generally accepted.

*CECRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which has 6 levels).


Satisfied learners


Presence rate


E-learning usage

A responsible approach


Intercountry is Qualiopi certified. This certification is awarded after a rigorous examination of our quality systems. Qualiopi guaranties that we follow strict guideline : respect for regulations and a code of ethics, promotion of a highly qualified staff, adaptation of our courses and materials to the learners' needs…


Intercountry is Datadock certified which demonstrates our compliance with the 6 legal quality criteria for the financing of vocational training.

Ecovadis / Global Compact

In addition, Intercountry has been awarded a Silver level by EcoVadis, the Supplier Sustainability Ratings platform that evaluates suppliers' sustainability performance. In the same spirit, Intercountry is part of Global Compact, a voluntary initiative that encourages sustainable business practices.

Our certifications are recognized by France Compétences:


Our Certifications

Intercountry has developed its own certifications which are recognised by France Competences, the national directory of professional certifications. This includes the EYES (Evaluate Your English Skills) test, and the DICE (Diagnóstico de Competencias de Español) test, both available to be taken remotely.

The EYES and DICE certifications have several advantages :

• They are taken at the start and at the end of the training, allowing a precise measurement of progression made
• The trainers have access to comprehensive results which allows them to make a detailed analysis of the student's level
• They are taken internally on our own bespoke platform, which simplifies the process for the learner and employer (if applicable)

Intercountry is also an official exam centre for numerous internationally-recognised certifications, such as:

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