Pourquoi aimez-vous travailler chez Intercountry ?

Maria_recadréMaria :  » Me gusta trabajar en Intercountry porque me permite dedicarme a lo que más me gusta: enseñar. Me gusta trabajar en Intercountry porque trabajo con un equipo de personas con el que es un placer trabajar y con el que tengo una complicidad importante y, me gusta trabajar en Intercountry porque vivo mi trabajo como una ‘gran afición’ (como el mejor hobby)  en lugar de como una gran obligación « .




SofiaSofia : “ Integrar a equipa da Intercountry significou poder abraçar um projeto que corresponde à minha visão da formação de adultos, holística e andragógica. Os nossos métodos centram-se no formando, em torno do qual gravita todo o processo formativo, e apoiam-se em ferramentas tecnológicas, facilitadoras e potenciadoras de aprendizagem. Um orgulho fazer parte deste universo ! « .


Declan 2Declan : « Since I started working for Intercountry, one of its major strengths, and something I have always been proud of, is the constant need for innovation and development in all areas of the company. From a pedagogical/teaching viewpoint, this has manifested itself in the recruitment/integration/quality procedures, material development, blended learning approaches etc. From an organizational perspective, the company has made strides in developing its administrative qualities and systems. This may have been due to certain issues and direct challenges but I think it is also due to the fact that we have never rested on our laurels and have continued to look at alternative and better ways of doing things ».



Therese : « I like working for Intercountry because it’s clearly a company that cares about the well-being of its employees and clients alike, and also because it has developed a successful business model in a field that is much-needed but not always profitable. I also appreciate the company’s attention to curriculum development and quality materials. From a personal viewpoint, I really enjoy meeting learners from all over France and hearing about their lives, as well as having interesting discussions about many different topics while we improve English skills! »


D’autres témoignages :

« I love the fact I learn so much about how others make their way in this world. »

« When one teaches, two learn. »

« I like our method – it is really good, it works.  It’s a pleasure to champion it to our learners.  I feel proud.”

« I love the pleasure that comes from speaking to lots of interesting people from different walks of life, in a variety of professions. »

« The administrative side is very professional.  Coaches feel they are really backed up by a professional team.  Gives a good impression. »

« Seeing the motivation of learners. Hearing their progress. Feeling we give something to society. »