France – Canada


Managing an international team, leading a project abroad or being expatriated – all these situations are becoming more and more frequent in our careers.

For French people working abroad, the biggest difficulties are in adapting to a different culture – its language, society and ways of doing business. Nowadays, French companies are realising the importance of this challenge as they become aware of the need to be prepared for the cultural differences they are likely to meet in other countries. In Canada, on the other hand, the situation is different because intercultural management has been part of business life for a long time and the country’s intercultural background is much more extensive than that of France.

So, for our second edition, we have chosen to talk about intercultural management in France and Canada. In it you will read about the experiences and advice of professionals who can shed some light on the different methods of intercultural management practised in France and in Canada, the pioneer in this subject.

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About the Author : Christophe DELEBARRE

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