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Learn Spanish in the heart of Madrid

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Spanish Immersion Course

Native coaches | Fully adapted | Modern facilities

Located in the heart of Madrid

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses available

Designed for rapid progress. No prior knowledge of Spanish required.


Language and culture

Learn Spanish in the heart of Madrid and immerse yourself in the capital's charm and culture. A few minutes' walk from Retiro Park, our training centre is the perfect base to get out and use your Spanish in real-life situations with your coach.

Our Spanish immersion training is designed for you to make rapid progress in a short amount of time. From the first day, you will speak Spanish in real situations with real people.

This is an intensive and challenging course designed by our pedagogical experts. It's designed for highly-motivated learners who are serious about improving their Spanish abilities quickly.

Free assessment and no-obligation quote!

Our approach

Our immersion Spanish training allows you to access our fully-integrated, premium training solution and methodology trusted by some of the largest corporations in Spain and France.

We guarantee progression thanks to our proven methodology, small groups, and personalisation of the training according to your needs. Our pedagogical approach has been tried-and-tested by over 12,000 learners.

Trusted by 12,000 learners and 300 companies


How it works

  1. 1

    Establish objectives and level

    Our pedagogical team assesses your requirements and objectives in order to adapt the training to your needs and measure your progress.

  2. 2


    Our training centre in the heart of Madrid provides the perfect environment for you to make serious progress in your Spanish.

  3. 3

    Measure of progress

    Your progress will be measured and reviewed by your coaches.

Training format

The length of the course can be adapted according to your needs.

Group training
Maximum 6 people. On average 4.

Small group classes encourage interaction between students without diluting the attention of the trainer too much.

Individual training
Just you and the trainer.

Individual training is perfect for those who have very specific objectives and require the full attention of the coaches.

Training adapted to your needs

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