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Premium language training for companies and individuals

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Intercountry specialises in premium language training solutions for companies and individuals. With a proven track record of delivering industry-leading results through its innovative distance-learning courses, the group is now present in 18 countries worldwide and continues to expand its face-to-face and blended language solutions.

Intercountry's mission is to help companies overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, facilitating effective communication in a globalised world.

A key aspect of Intercountry's unique solution is the importance it places on technology and quantifiable learner progression, which allows companies to measure the efficiency and return on their training investment.

Thanks to a diverse team of experienced, native and highly-qualified business language experts, Intercountry is able to ensure adapted and quality training for all business sectors and requirements.


Intercountry is based in Paris with training centres in Lille, Bordeaux, Marseille and Lyon. Thanks to a team of nearly 200 trainers, we are able to provide comprehensive corporate language training across the country.

UK, Ireland and North America

Intercountry is established in the UK, Ireland and North America with coaches present in England, Scotland, Ireland, the USA and Canada. We specialise in developing distance learning language solutions in a variety of foreign languages for anglophone companies.

Spain and the rest of Europe

Intercountry's Spanish subsidiary, Babelia Formación, has provided corporate language training across the entire Spanish territory since 2000 with more than 100 coaches across the country.

Training for a globalised world

With more than 20 years' experience in the design, development and implementation of language training courses, Intercountry is able to offer a wide range of training solutions.

7 training solutions in both face-to-face and distance formats allow the learner to elect the most suitable option according to their needs: our flagship trainingpreparation, workshops, intensive weeks, immersion, executive coaching, conversation and microlearning.

Our distance solutions are available throughout the world, and our face-to-face solutions are available in all of France and Spain.

Our training is available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Farsi.

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For companies

Intercountry's corporate language training is trusted by over 300 corporate clients in the energy, telecoms, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and real estate sectors (among many others). The solutions are personalised and adapted to each company's requirements.

For individuals

The proven Intercountry method, trusted by companies around the world, is available to individuals around the world who wish to develop their competence in a foreign language for professional reasons.


Measureable results

Intercountry places great importance on evaluating and demonstrating progress in a qualitative manner, and continuously innovates in this area to ensure a measured return on investment and expectations for corporate clients.

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